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As a musician who grew up with a deep passion for drums and singing, my musical journey has been an enchanting one. From an early age, I found solace in the rhythmic beats of the drums and the expressive power of my voice. As I matured, my musical horizons expanded, leading me to discover a wide array of unique instruments like the didgeridoo, jar harp, baritone ukulele, native flute, hand percussion, and harmonica. Combining all these elements, I ventured into the mesmerizing world of live looping performances.I've played for audiences worldwide -- from the streets of Chicago to Athens, Greece, and across Europe.

I am thrilled to offer a diverse range of experiences to my audience. One of my most offering is a DJing set featuring my original music. With a deep passion for crafting electronic beats and soul-stirring melodies, I curate a seamless blend of sounds that transports listeners to another dimension on the dancefloor. But my talents don't end there. Through the art of live looping, I create mesmerizing performances, incorporating various instruments I play, such as the didgeridoo, jar harp, baritone ukulele, native flute, hand percussion, and harmonica. I also offer sound healing sets, using the power of music to create a serene and meditative atmosphere that allows my audience to find inner peace and relaxation. Furthermore, I cherish the intimate connection of live acoustic performances, where I let my voice and instruments shine, weaving heartfelt stories and emotions into each song. These diverse sets allow me to express my artistry fully and ensure that each listener experiences something truly special and unforgettable.

Live Looping Performance  Breathe Fest 2023.

My love for music knows no boundaries, and it brings me immense joy to share this passion with others through my versatile performances. 


please contact me so we can discuss event details.

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