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One on One Healing

You are the medicine. And I’ll help you realize that.

My healing sessions are made for those who may be suffering from anxiety, stress, fear, depression and/or may be stuck in a difficult place whether mentally, physically or spiritually. They are equally beneficial for those who simply may be seeking to find inner peace and to unwind after a long day or due to over stimulation.


With breath work, music therapy, meditation and psychoactive plant medicines, I create and steward a space of deep stillness and restoration.


Each session includes an intake, integrative coaching and full journey. Sessions are personalized to your specific needs and desires and are always unique.

Sessions can take place in-person or over Zoom.

Cost: $100/hr

Please contact me for more information and to schedule a 15-minute call to clarify whether my service is right for you and to schedule your session(s).

For group sessions, please contact me to inquire about pricing.

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