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Music Performance

Playing music has been the driving force in my life since a young age. I've played for audiences worldwide -- from the streets of Chicago to Athens, Greece, and across Europe. And whether you're in the mood for calm, healing music to sooth your soul or bumping beats to move your body, I have something for you.

Instruments I Play 

  • Didgeridoo

  • Native American flute

  • Ukulele

  • Percussion

  • Jaw harp

  • Vocals


Here are some of the ways I perform live music:

1. Movement journey using looper & beat machine

2. DJ with original tracks using looper & beat machine

3. Set of my acoustic songs such as "Neró," "Let It Go," and others

4. Music sound journey using looper

5. Percussion, Native American flute and/or didgeridoo accompaniment for bands or other musicians

Cost & scheduling

For rates and to schedule me for a gig, please contact me so we can discuss event details. My rates vary and prices will be determined on a case-to-case basis.

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