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Cacao Ceremonies


What is Cacao?

Ceremonial cacao or ceremonial-grade cacao is a 100% pure cacao-bean paste that contains a much higher quantity of beneficial, health-restoring, and mood-elevating compounds than any other cacao-based product on the market (like cacao powder, non-ceremonial cacao paste, dark chocolate, etc).


The word “cacao” comes from the Mayan words “Ka’kau” meaning “heart blood,” and “Chokola’j” meaning “to drink together.” This blood connection comes from the belief that the Mayan gods bled onto the cacao pods, and cacao was considered one of the ingredients used to create humanity. It was also believed that the gods gifted cacao to the people directly. The scientific genus name for cacao is theobroma, which translates to “Food of the Gods,” and the Maya believed that cacao was a key ingredient in restoring balance and connection to the divine. 

Cacao ceremonies are helpful for getting clarity, setting intentions, and doing healing work & inner-processing. Being in a sacred space helps you get out of your normal frame of mind, allowing you to experience new insights & perspectives. Depending on the intention of the ceremony they can also be wonderful places to connect with people in a safe, open-hearted environment. Sharing cacao brings us into the same energetic frequency. This often results in deeper more intimate connection with ourselves and each other.

Cacao is beautiful and powerful medicine. Due to the current constant availability of chocolate, one may underestimate Cacao's power. Most chocolate contains a small percentage of industrially processed Cacao. Ceremonial Cacao is made of the whole bean and is much more potent. Cacao has psychoactive but no psychedelic properties. Compared to other medicinal plants, Cacao opens the layers of consciousness in a gentle, loving way and ties together what may have been disconnected; on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. Not everyones experience will be the same in a Cacao Ceremony. Cacao can be uplifting, healing, nostalgic, and may also bring an emotional release.  Be gentle with yourself, respectful towards the Spirit. Cacao is meant to be drank with intention.  Cacao is a diuretic and additionally helps to detoxify the body. Water (before and after) is essential to keep the energy flowing, also drink water if you feel a slight headache or slightly nauseous shortly after drinking cacao.

To have a more pure experience, it is encouraged to refrain from drinking any caffeine or eating food at least 2 hours before a cacao ceremony.

Things to know

Ceremonial doses of Cacao are not recommended for those:

  • on antidepressants (cacao contains MAO inhibitors)

  • has a serious heart condition

  • has very high blood pressure or suffers epilepsy

  • pregnant

 Please speak to your doctor if you consider taking ceremonial doses of Cacao in any of these cases. Raw Cacao contains Histamine. Pregnant women should take smaller amounts.


Benefits of Cacao

Increased blood flow / mood elevation / expanded state of consciousness. 

Cacao is a heart opener. Cacao allows for a deeper connection to self and others. It can accelerate inner transformation and spiritual awakening. It is useful for meditation, inner processing work and shamanic journeying. It allows the space to discover the feeling of unconditional love. 



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