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"Never Give Up"


About Paul

Paul Grosso aka Musical Mindset

a multi-talented musician and sound healer who combines the power of live looping with a diverse range of instruments and genres. With a background rooted in Greek culture, Paul began his musical journey at a young age, mastering the darbuka and incorporating his upbringing sounds into his unique compositions. From native flute to jar harp, harmonica, didgeridoo, and his own vocals, Paul creates an immersive sound healing experience for each individual.

As a sound healer, ceremony facilitator, and advocate for personal growth, he uses his raw expression and authenticity to guide others on their transformative journeys. Born in Chicago, Paul is dedicated to helping people discover their true selves and unlock their full potential through various modalities such as movement, cacao ceremonies, hápe ceremonies, drum classes, and more. For Paul, music is not just a form of artistic expression; it is a reflection of his own experiences and a means to inspire and connect with others. Through his offerings, he aims to encourage individuals to authentically express themselves and embrace their own unique path. Prepare to be captivated by Paul Grosso, aka Musical Mindset, as he takes you on a musical and movement journey unlike any other.

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